Freestyle, Slopestyle, Freeskiing or other board sports? Become a pro in no time with unique training materials from Wax'n Board!

Freestyle Training Gear

At Wax'n Board, freestyle is our passion. As a snowboarder we understand how difficult it is to master new skills, especially in the absence of snow and mountains!

We are therefore the only local manufacturer to produce your handmade practice material. Grind with a Jib Board on a balance beam to simulate rails. Or practice all your air tricks such as Grabs, 360´s or Cork 7 with our Tramp Skis and board, designed safely for use on trampolines.

Whether you do Freeskiing, Slopestyle, Sandboard -or even Wakeboard- Wax'n Board´s Freestyle Training Gear helps you to strengthen your muscle mass. Fast and repetitive training teaches your muscle memory how to react to stunts.

This way you don't waste valuable time on the slopes, you increase your confidence level, and you can avoid those annoying injuries that would otherwise accelerate the end of your winter season.

Each of our Freestyle Training products are truthfully crafted and approved by skiers and snowboarders as the best on the market.

Our board & skis are built with a typical sandwich construction of poplar, fiberglass and a real ski base, as a surplus these are finished with "hand-friendly" sidewalls (without steel edges, of course). Our trampoline gear is provided with a soft but sturdy EVA layer, so that you cannot damage the trampoline and are welcome in any indoor park!

Our own Training Bindings can be mounted truthfully as real ones snowboard bindings, but comfortable on the feet and lightweight for hours of training fun.

And because a real fun park has different features, we always come up with new ones balance beams to improve your skill level!

What are you waiting for? Start freestyle today!


In the freestyle snowboard range of Wax'n Board you can find two types: a Jib Board and a Trampoline Board. Both are suitable for slopestyle, halfpipe or freestyle training.

The Jib Board has a normal snowboard base which makes it smooth and suitable for many impacts on hard objects such as a balance beam. A soft EVA foam layer can be found on the Trampoline Board, ideal for trampoline training. Of course you can also use this Tramp Board on a balance beam handling, in combination with the EVA foam, the difficulty level will be slightly less.

The practice boards are both equipped with a medium flex. The rocker profile provides extra grip when pushing off with air tricks. We have provided a soft rounded sidewall over the entire length so that you can safely practice your grabs.

In the offer you can find a budget-friendly kit, with which you immediately have everything you need to start practicing. Of course we also sell boards separately if you want to mount your own standard snowboard bindings.

As a tip, we would like to inform you that these boards are also used for, among other things. snowboard, sandboarding but also Wakeboard and other boardsport training.


You want to join where slalom skiers love speed and perfectly cut corners freestyle skiing, slopestyle ski, halfpipe ski or freeskiing grind everything you come across (box, rails and
trees), of course that includes the natural slope jumps and cool park kickers!

Wax'n Board´s Trampoline Kit is unique on the market to safely train all these fun stunts, at home or, for example, in the trampoline park. Just like your piste skis, our practice skis are made with a sandwich construction that feels just like your own skis. Because you don't want to train with stiff boots, our Training Bindings perfect on this. These are central, in the middle, and the center point can still be adjusted to your liking.

Due to the shorter length and light weight of our Tramp Skis, a training session is not that intensive. That way you can train your muscle mass and muscle memory quickly. Increase your self-confidence; take the next rail grinds without a doubt!


Upgrade your Freestyle Training Gear with one of our many accessories!

These freestyle winter sports accessories are 100% compatible with your "real" skis or snowboard. This is how you can use our Training Bindings mount on a spare snowboard. If you want to practice longer and better, then invest in the Jib or Tramp Board.

The Rail is ecologically manufactured from locally sourced beech wood, making it perfectly safe to use with your skis, for example. Do you doubt whether you can jump the full height right away? Then choose a low and soft balance bar: The Big Fat Tube.

Our balance beams are also widely applicable for other sports; eg Yoga, stretching muscles, Achillis tendon injury, .. If desired, we can also adjust the height to your request!


You can buy Freestyle Training Gear at your local ski and snowboard shop, at a select number of international resellers, or online at Wax'n Board. Of course you can also purchase practice material from your snow sports club; ask the club board for the conditions!

Are you interested in reselling our products, whether or not under your own label with your house style, or do you want a tailor-made offer for sports clubs? Contact us and ask for your conditions and rates.

You can also come to Wax'n Board for customization.
For example, you can redesign our deck print, change the color of the sidewalls, or adjust the logo on the base of our board & skis. And if you really want to go custom, we can create a new mold to change the profile from Rocker to Flat or Camber. And then we are not even talking about 'one of a kind' shapes with, for example, flat heads or a fishtail!

As long as you can imagine it, we can manufacture it!

Wax'n Board - Dare to Jump!

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