Wax'n Board.

Winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, are action sports. For some it is pure relaxation, for others it is art, an adventure, a job or even a lifestyle.

For us it is a challenge. To provide the best tools and service. To develop unique winter sports equipment in a country without mountains. To ensure that your ski, or snowboard, gets the best maintenance it deserves.

We are Wax’n Board!

afbeelding van snowboarder die aan freestyle doet
afbeelding van skier die freestyle trick doet
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afbeelding van snowboarder die freestyle trick doet
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afbeelding van skier die freestyle trick doet
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afbeelding van snowboarder die freestyle trick doet
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Freestyle Training Gear

afbeelding van snowboarder die van rots springt

Learn to Freestyle Snowboard

When winter sports is your passion

Solid material and good maintenance. Those are two important pillars for a snow holiday. The right skillset? That's where the fun begins!

That is why, at Wax'n Board, we developed a unique snowboard with which you can train freestyle snowboard at home, with friends, or in the trampoline park.

Always wanted to learn air tricks? A box or rail slide? Maybe a 180 over the hills? What are you waiting for to broaden your skills? Dare to jump!

afbeelding van jib en trampoline board voor snowboard

Freestyle Training Board

100% snowboard experience

Jib, or Tramp Board

Choose for grip on the trampoline. Or make it slippery and difficult on a balance bar!
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A premium Jib Boardor a Trampoline Board. Ecologically manufactured from Poplar wood, finished with biaxial fiberglass, a flex and pop just like a real snowboard. At Wax'n Board we don't compromise. Learn Freestyle snowboard as if you were on the slopes. But then at home. Safe. When you want to train it.

afbeelding van trampoline bindingen voor freestyle snowboard

Freestyle Training Bindings

Feels like real snowboard bindings

Fully adjustable

Train without heavy snowboard boots, in a correct snowboard stance: exactly as you are used to!
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The real work is done with snowboard bindings. But without heavy or stiff boots. That's why we have our Training Bindings adapted so that you can train with, or even without, normal sports shoes while retaining the feeling of the slopes.. Made by snowboarders, for freestylers.

Balance bar Freestyle snowboard
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Dare to Jump.

Tip! Our products can also be used to train other board sports, such as: wakeboard, snowskate, etc!

Ski + snowboard maintenance

skiër op de skipiste

Waxing skis or snowboard? Then Wax'n Board is the place to be!

You have come to the right place for rock-solid maintenance! Our Hot Wax technique guarantees perfect maintenance, so that you can enjoy winter sports without worry. 

Forget those automated machines that keep scraping your base or barely apply a layer of wax. At Wax'n Board we know better: we believe that a thorough analysis, appropriate maintenance and manual waxing of skis and snowboard, is the only way to properly maintain your equipment.

Just ask our customers!

How does it work?

Select your maintenance

Just waxing, seasonal maintenance, tuning or repair? Select your desired service in our webshop and confirm your order. Doubts? Book a basic maintenance, or ask us for advice!

Make an appointment

After completing your order, we will make an appointment. Together; when it suits you. You come to us, or we pick up your gear so you don't have to worry about it.

We're getting started

We thoroughly check your skis or snowboard. If we notice something, we will discus it with you. Maintenance ready? Then we deliver your equipment ready for snow.


ski wax scraper

Wintersport Tools

Ready for the first snowflakes? We provide you with all premium ski and snowboard tools you need during a winter holiday. Directly from our own production line, directly from our own webshop.

Shopping guide.

Become pro? Train with our gear, improve your skills.

Ready for vacation? Only after your maintenance!

Be cool, Wear Wax'n Board! Support your local shop.


Ski waxing? Board waxing? Then choose the suitable wax.

Everything to wax your ski´s, everything to wax your board.

We are always expanding, discover what we have to offer you.

Our latest news

Contact us.

Do you have a question for us? Small or big, logical or crazy? Wax'n Board is happy to help you.

Bart VN.
Bart VN.
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Na jaren klant te zijn bij **** besliste ik mijn snowboard thuis te laten ophalen en waxen door Wax&Board. 3 dagen later had ik in Oostenrijk de beste vakantie ooit. Ik wist niet dat er zo een verschil zat in onderhoud!
Mike T.
Mike T.
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Door teveel keuze aan soorten en merken van wax wist ik niet wat ik moest kopen, maar de mannen van Wax&Board hebben mij het juiste advies gegeven. Gewoon top++
Tamara R.
Tamara R.
Freestyle Snowboarder
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!!!!! P-E-R-F-E-C-T !!!!! Ik kocht een scraper om wax te verwijderen, maar omdat het voor mij de eerste keer was vroeg ik tips en heb ik een duidelijke uitleg gekregen: bedankt!

What customers say

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