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Winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, are action sports. For some it is pure relaxation, for others it is art, an adventure, a job or even a lifestyle.

For us it is a challenge. To provide the best tools and service. To develop unique winter sports equipment in a country without mountains. To ensure that your ski, or snowboard, gets the best maintenance it deserves.

We are Wax’n Board!

afbeelding van snowboarder die aan freestyle doet
afbeelding van snowboarder die freestyle trick doet
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afbeelding van skier die freestyle trick doet
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afbeelding van skier die freestyle trick doet
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afbeelding van snowboarder die freestyle trick doet
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afbeelding van snowboarder die van rots springt

Freestyle Training

Solid material and good maintenance. Two important pillars for a snow holiday. The right skillset? Then the fun begins!

Especially for you, Wax'n Board developed training material. Practice freestyle snowboard or freestyle ski; train at home, with friends, or at the trampoline park.

Always wanted to learn air tricks? A box or rail slide? Maybe a 180 over the hills? What are you waiting for to broaden your skills? Dare to jump!

Handmade Jib Board and Trampoline Board's Our premium exercise boards are ecologically manufactured from poplar wood, fitted with biaxial fiberglass and finished with a high-quality topsheet. We don't compromise; practice freestyle snowboard as if you were on the slopes!

You can now train freestyle ski or halfpipe ski wherever and whenever you want with our handmade Trampoline Ski's. The Wax'n Board practice skis are ecologically made, with a premium finish, on which you can mount bindings so that you can safely expand your skillset!

Training without heavy or stiff boots, but still as realistic as possible. Our Training Bindings make it possible to train with or without shoes. Because you have to practice well, of course while maintaining your own stance: just like you are used to on the slopes!

No freestyle without park elements such as boxes or rails. That's why we built The Big Fat Tube and  The Rail! Use these balance bars with a normal snowboard or pair of skis. Of course, these tools are completely tailored to our unique freestyle practice material too.

Balance bar Freestyle snowboard
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Dare to Jump.

Tip! Our products can also be used to train other board sports, such as: wakeboard, snowskate, etc!

Ski + snowboard maintenance

Waxing skis or snowboard? Then you have to be at Wax'n Board Berlare .

For a rock solid wax and tuning you have come to the right place ! Our Hot Wax technique guarantees perfect maintenance, so that you can enjoy winter sports without worry. 

Forget those automated machines that keep scraping your base or barely apply a layer of wax. At Wax'n Board we know better: we believe that a thorough analysis, appropriate maintenance and manual waxing of skis and snowboard, is the only way to properly maintain your equipment.

Just ask our customers!

Tristan B.

Top service & gear. Heel blij mee! Thnx

2 months ago
2 months ago
Stephen De Craene
5 months ago
Pieter G.
6 months ago

Duidelijke website met de mogelijkheid om online een afspraak te maken

6 months ago
Stijn V.

Snel, vriendelijke en professioneel geholpen door Olivier.

6 months ago
Bram Ryckaert

Duidelijke website, veel keuze.

6 months ago

Naast een zeer goede, vlotte en klantvriendelijke service, ook een goede prijs kwaliteit.

6 months ago
6 months ago
Anne-Leen De Smet

Zeer sympathieke man, die u graag extra uitleg geeft! klantvriendelijk, flexibel en goede service. Zeer tevreden!

7 months ago

How does it work?

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Just waxing, edge tuning, season maintenance, repairs or store your gear during the summer? Have a look at our formulas in the webshop.

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We wax and tune your ski's or snowboard. When ready we'll notify you: we will deliver your equipment ready for the next snow holiday.


Wintersport Tools

Ready for the first snowflakes? We provide you with all premium ski and snowboard tools you need during a winter holiday. Directly from our own production line, directly from our own webshop. skiwax, scrapers, wax irons and other essential tools.

afbeelding van ski en snowboard wax scraper voor tijdens ski snowboard waxen
afbeelding van wax scraper

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Everything to wax your ski´s, everything to wax your board.

We are always expanding, discover what we have to offer you.

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