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Belgium's Finest Snowboard

The best snowboards in Belgium. Designed and tested by experienced snowboarders. Built with superior materials. That's Wax'n Board!

A handmade snowboard provides snow fun anywhere on the snowy mountain. Whether it's the groomed slope, the backcountry covered with a fresh layer of powder snow, or a spectacular freestyle park. You can count on our high-quality snowboards: during every adventure!

Belgium's Finest Snowboards
Belgiums Finest Skis

Belgium's Finest Ski

In the morning you make your first tracks on a groomed ski slope. Practice new tricks in the park. Looking for fresh powder snow in the mountains? Discover the best skis to really experience winter sports!

Our hand-designed skis are neatly balanced. Finished with top materials and featuring unique prints that match your style. At Wax'n Board we make more than snowboards. With our skis you will experience your ultimate skiing holiday!

Discover your skisBelgiums Finest Skis

Learn freestyle!

Freestyle stunts are no longer impossible, difficult or painful to master. As passionate freestylers, we developed Trampoline Boards and Skis with which you can practice next to the ski slope. You will learn to place grabs, grind rails, or jump rotations at your own pace. Without a flake of snow.

With Wax'n Board's “Freestyle Training Gear” you have realistic training equipment that feels exactly like snowboarding and skiing on the slopes. Start improving your skills today!

Improve your skills

Discover our freestyle ski & board gear

Improve your skills




Manual Hot Wax

Deburring (base+edge)

Sharpen (base+edge)

Polishing (base+edge)

Cleaning the base – manually

Base cleaning – chemically

Base Cleaning – Hot Scrape

Base Wax (eco)

Glide Wax

Top Wax (excluding Wax'n Board)

€ 30
€ 50
€ 60

Waxing and grinding

Waxing and sharpening your skis, but also waxing and sharpening snowboards, is an annual routine necessary to maintain a smooth pace or to plow through steel-frozen snow.

A personal appointment, the right approach and hot wax for performance. These are themes that distinguish us from the competition. Every ski and snowboard is unique, just like you. Therefore, book the maintenance they deserve at Wax'n Board.

Our services

Wax & tools

Have you attended a wax clinic at Wax'n Board to do the maintenance yourself? Then of course you still need wax & tools! Think of hot wax, wax iron, scraper, brushes...

We always look for the latest trends and the most superior material on the market for you. We deliver the best price/quality solution so that waxing and grinding remains affordable and fun. Discover our range in the webshop.

Find your toolsWax brush for ski and snowboard
Wax brush for ski and snowboard

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