Wax Scraper

Wax Scraper Ski & Snowboard

Wax scrapers come in several different sizes and colors. But not every scraper is suitable for waxing. That's why we decided to make our own wax scrapers, suitable for ski and snowboard, that meet our high requirements! This Wax&Board premium scrapers are now in stock: be quick to get one!

Wax scraper custom made

We can proudly say that we this designed the product from scratch. The unique design is based on our own experience and requirements, for smooth scraping when waxing both skis and snowboards.

To achieve the perfect design, we have scrapers from different manufacturers. We looked at, among other things. to different shapes and thicknesses. Of course we also tested them all, and we selected the best features to arrive at the ideal design.

After the design was finalized, we had several test samples made. Finally, we had the final design of this new scraper manufactured in the EU. That makes it a real product from here!

Wax Scraper

Scraper properties

What makes this ski wax scraper so unique is its shape. Making the steel edges on your snowboard and ski wax-free is now much easier due to the two recesses that have the ideal width. You can now remove all wax in one smooth movement; that way those steel edges can no longer rust.

To make this snowboard wax scraper more robust and sturdy, we selected specific material. This selected material does not damage your ski and snowboard, if used correctly of course.

In addition, we made this scraper thicker than the competitor, namely 5 mm thick! This makes it easier to transfer pressure, with which wax can be easily scraped from your ski or snowboard.

Ecological design

For the 2020-2021 season we have opted for a 5 millimeter thick ski and snowboard wax scraper. It is made from recycled and ecological Perspex. This means that we have had previously used material melted down. The surplus during production is also completely reusable for the production of new Perspex.

When this snowboard and ski wax scraper is worn out in a few years, you can return it to Wax&Board. After which we have this ski wax scraper included in the recycling process: that's good for the environment!

Wax Scraper

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