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As a seasoned snow sports enthusiast, you probably know that there are all kinds of ways to maintain your skis or snowboard. But as a holidaymaker it can be difficult to see the snow-covered trees off-piste. That is why we would like to explain in human language what services we offer at Wax'n Board. Do you still have questions after reading? Please don't hesitate to contact us contact!

Clean Base

At Wax'n Board we start the maintenance with a thorough cleaning of your base (or ski base). Only afterwards will we wax and sharpen your board or skis. Only a clean base, free of dirt and clogged pores, can absorb enough fresh wax to achieve a good sliding result. We take it seriously that this is an important first step. For example, we don't want our tools and brushes to get contaminated with rubbish from eg porridge snow or a magic carpet, which afterwards ends up from someone's skis on another snowboard and leads to a loss of performance.


> Included with every waxing

We roll up our sleeves and clean the base with freshly cleaned wax brushes. Depending on the degree of soiling, we select one of our different brushes from our wax toolkit. For example, we remove old wax with wire brushes and discharge your base of electrostatic energy with a copper brush. This ensures a faster ski or board on the snow slope.
wax afborstelen op ski´s


> Recommended for every new winter season

Because stubborn dirt such as tar - but also very fine stone flakes - is difficult to remove from dried bases, we recommend that you have your ski cleaned with special chemical products at least once a year. These are of course specially made for a snowboard or ski base.

These products dissolve eg Fluorine, but also old hardened wax and resin, from the deepest of the pores where a wax brush just can't handle.

Snowboard laten waxen

hot scrape

> The superior cleaning technique

With an old labour-intensive cleaning technique we gently remove all the dirt, Fluorine and wax residues from the skis / snowboard to be waxed. This method prevents dehydration and only uses natural products that are safe for your base material.

We also apply a first extra layer of wax with unique paraffin cleaning wax, because with a Hot scrape we wax your material several times.

Deburring edges

Aluminum Oxide steen

The deburring and removal of rust on ski & snowboard edges (or steel edge) is actually only necessary with used material. A burr is a noticeable, small to large, increase/decrease in the steel edge. Often caused by impact with hard objects such as stones, or even by ski holders of mountain lifts that bring you onto the slopes.

Although we must confess that we sometimes notice this with a new pair of skis where the owner (or seller) is not paying attention and accidentally knocked both steel sides together..

When deburring, we use specific aluminum oxide or sharpening stones to gradually remove the perceptibly rough edges. This is necessary because immediate grinding can harden burrs, making them sharper and rougher than the edges themselves. This obviously has a negative impact on the efficiency when cutting slalom turns.

It is important to note that getting a burr is an irreversible process. Once the burr is in your steel edge, you can only remove the protruding burr. Where steel is missing, there is no magic solution. Of course, such burrs will become smaller with more frequent grinding and wear, but since you will have less and less steel left, it is better not to over-grind it!

sharpening edges

Your ski, but also your snowboard, has 3 places where the edges have to be sharpened. Each of these places has its challenge as they serve a different purpose. It is important to note that sharpening is not always necessary. Every time you sharpen you lose steel. If you often switch snowboards, that is of course no problem. But if you still want to use your skis for a few years, it is reassuring to know that a professional only sharpens your snowboard when it is necessary. Tip! Ask your Wax'n Board maintenance about our simple trick to know if your edges are still sharp enough!

side edge

> Usually 90 or 89°

The most known way of sharpening is the "side edge". From the factory, it often has an angle of 90 or 89 degrees. We advise novice boarders to stick to this standard and only go a little sharper if you often want to ski in hard icy snow such as glaciers.

Smaller angles (eg 86 or 87°) are more likely to be seen in competitive skiers. These have enough skills to keep such sharp corners under control. It is important to remember that sharp corners become blunt quickly.

side edge slijpen

base edge

> Usually 0°

A base edge is almost always 0 degrees. By that we mean that it is as flat as your base itself. It goes without saying that this is easier for the producer to deliver this nicely flat.

People often go for an overhanging angle (or beveled edge) of 0.5~2° to create a "surfy feeling". Because it is not directly in contact with the snow, you have less chance of biting in the snow.

If you would like to carve in the snow, we recommend that you use the base edge by not to adjust. This is an irreversible adjustment!

Detuning contact points

> For carefree turns

The contact points of a ski are where your “effective edge” first hits snow when cornering. Your snowboard has at least one (or more) on each side just after the nose & tail.

We do the “detuning” or the gradual transition from your effective edge to the nose / tail to prevent “chatter” and snow bites when cornering.

Freestylers appreciate that we extend this to the nose and tail of the snowboard, allowing them to perform safer jibs & nose rolls, for example.

sidewall ski

polishing edges

After deburring and sharpening with a file, the polishing of edges is a proverbial icing on the cake.

At Wax'n Board we polish skis in two ways to obtain the most even steel edge possible. Perfect for maintaining high speeds!

For example, with specific diamond files, we start with a coarse grit. We finish that with different structures until we have tackled both the side and base edge with a very fine diamond file.

Only then will we pull out a joker, one that you will not easily find among our competitors; the Arkansas stones! These natural sharpening stones are very hardened and extremely suitable for polishing. This precious stone comes from America, namely the region: Arkansas.

After polishing with natural stones, your edges are very smooth, down to a microscopic level! From now on, carving faster will only depend on your art and flying work 😉

Base waxing

Since the start of Wax'n Board, we have been committed to using ecological wax products. In 2020, our competitors followed in our footsteps with the general ban on the use of “PFOA” and “C83” in the snow sector. These products pollute together with, among other things. Fluor en our natural water sources that are supplemented by melt water on which we exercise.

Every winter season we experiment and test with wax from different manufacturers, but our main suppliers include. Gallium and Holmenkol.

base wax

A base wax is the very first layer of wax that you apply to a clean and white ski. If you have just bought a new snowboard, it is really necessary to wax it first with a good base wax!

A base wax is universal in temperature range (-20~10°C), but also neutral in composition. This ensures that the Top wax that you will apply later can excel in its properties, and does not have to compete with old wax previously applied.

Our advice is never to have a base wax applied by machine, that's why at Wax'n Board we always do manual hot wax (+-120°C), this allows base wax to penetrate deep into your skis and snowboard base for long-lasting fun !

top wax

A universal wax may have a large temperature range, but it is not efficient. Compare it to 4-season tires on your car, these are not great in the snow, nor in the sun. But you can save yourself the trouble of always having to exchange!

As a specialist shop, we wax with a specific temperature. For example, think of hot (0~10°C), Medium (-3~4°C), or cold (-20~-10°C). In addition, we have wax suitable for dry or wet snow. For the slalom racers we can enrich this with Fluor or Gallium flakes.

Do you have a preference in terms of finish? Then we apply a specific universal Top wax. As wax masters, we naturally keep our recipe secret, but our customers know that we have the right magic in house!

brush off base

After waxing and grinding skis & boards, there are 2 more important steps, namely scraping and brushing!

With a scraper we remove the excess wax from your snowboard base. When sliding on the slopes, the snow melts under your skis, which makes you surf on water. Only with a smooth surface you have little friction .. and therefore a good sliding ability on the snow.

Once the excess wax has been scraped away, we brush your skis in several stages. That way there is only wax in the pores of your skis, and only then is your snowboard correctly waxed!

It may sound strange but only about a 30% of the wax used during waxing and grinding will remain on your skis. Of course we never reuse the surplus for another snowboard; once wax has been processed, it is contaminated and therefore unusable. 

Our operation

Wax'n Board is not just a ski shop. We are a proud and local manufacturer of winter sports equipment that raises the quality of maintenance to the highest level for the enthusiast. For example, we wax and grind for top athletes and recreational users, both for skiers and snowboarders, from the coast to the beautiful Ardennes.

In order to keep our quality high, as well as to pay sufficient attention to the complex production process of, for example, our own snowboards and freestyle practice equipment, we only work by appointment.

Manual hot waxing and grinding takes two to three days. This for cleaning, waxing, cooling, waxing again and then finishing.

As a bonus, we can also collect your skis and boards. At your home or at work. In the vicinity of our location this can be done free of charge, beyond that we charge a fee for the two necessary trips. You can select the delivery, or the wish to collect, during the digital checkout of your order.

Our specials

Our Hotel service you won't find it anywhere else in Belgium! Our customers often find it a hassle to store skis somewhere during those long spring and summer months. They are often rusting somewhere in the basement or drying out in the attic.

At Wax'n Board you can safely store your snowboard. In addition, we ensure that, before the first snowflakes fall, your equipment has had a “Pro” maintenance, so that you can immediately go on a snow trip.

This without tripping over those twisted skis for a whole summer 🙂

If you still choose to stock your material yourself, you can come by at the end of your winter season for a Seasonal service. We give the snowboard a “Pro” then in two parts!

Before the summer, we clean and encapsulate your skis in a special storage wax, so that they do not dry out during that 39-degree heat wave.

After the summer, for your first ski trip, come back to Wax'n Board for the second part of the maintenance, where we remove the wax and prepare your snowboard for the first snowfall!

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