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About this privacy policy

We consider the protection of your privacy extremely important. Below you will find information about what data we collect, why we do it, how long we keep it, what your privacy rights are and how you can exercise them.

Because rights and obligations are important, but also because the legislation for this is so complex and specific, we also refer to our privacy policy and/or the Terms and Conditions. This is to have a good understanding of what these rights and obligations entail.

Who is protected by this policy?

This privacy policy only applies to the personal data that we process. 

It applies to the processing of personal data of our customers in relation to our products and/or services.

This privacy policy also applies to personal data that we process when you visit our workshop, websites, participate in a market research, survey, competition, promotion or event, or use our products and services in any other way.

The personal data of former customers and prospects are also treated and secured as well and carefully as possible, in accordance with this privacy policy.

Processing of data and responsibilities.

By 'processing of personal data' we mean any processing of data that can identify you as a natural person. You can read more about which data is involved in this privacy policy. The term 'processing' is broad and covers, among other things, the collection, recording, organization, storage, updating, modification, retrieval, consultation, use, distribution or in any way making available, associating, combining, archiving, deleting or ultimately destroying of that data.

For the sake of clarity, processing of personal data of customers only applies if the customer is a natural person, or - if the customer is a legal person - then the privacy policy only applies to the personal data of the natural persons that we use in the context of process their relationship with the customer (such as delegates, contacts and/or end users).


The company behind this website is the controller of your personal data. This means that we determine the purpose and means for the processing of your personal data. This does not alter the fact that you also have a number of obligations in connection with the processing of personal data that, for example, allow you to use our products and services.

Your responsibilities

If you as a customer use our products and services that fall under the application of this privacy policy, you have the following responsibilities:

  • By using our products, services and websites, you agree to the privacy policy, the general terms and conditions as well as the cookie policy.
  • you may not use our products and services to collect personal data that violates applicable privacy legislation, nor to unlawfully gain access to the personal data of other users;
  • You must not do, cause or allow anything that could in any way result in any violation of privacy law.

Your Responsibilities Regarding Third Party Services

Through our products and services you can also use services from other parties such as chat, third-party websites, forums, Facebook, Twitter, newsgroups and/or apps. We have no control over the information you post there and how it is processed. It is up to you to handle this wisely and to read the privacy policies of these third parties carefully.

What personal data can we process?

The data you share with us

We process the personal data that you give us yourself. This can be done by telephone (for example when you call with a question), in writing (for example when you fill in a form online or otherwise), you send us an SMS or e-mail, you register for a competition, electronically (for example, reading a customer card) or verbally (for example in our workshop or during a demo or customer visit).

Information our systems collect

We assign your personal data for the use of our products and services (for example, a customer number, login code(s) and passwords). In addition, our systems also register personal data generated during your use of our website (for example, the chat function, an online form, a message on our news page, etc.).

Information we obtain from third parties

We purchase socio-demographic data and consumer information from specialized data companies in order to tailor our services even better to your needs. We receive consumer preferences through market research agencies. The company transferring your personal data is responsible for having the appropriate legal basis for processing personal data and for transferring it to us so that we can use it for our own purposes. We do of course ensure that they, just like us, respect the guidelines of the privacy legislation.

Data from non-customers

We can collect personal data about people who are not (yet) customers through various channels, such as competitions, promotions/actions, our websites and through the purchase of data from specialized data companies. We do this with the intention of making these people as relevant as possible an offer of our products and services. We thereby guarantee your right to information and contractually enforce this – where applicable – together with your possible legally required consent from the third parties that would collect your data (for us) in this context.

What do we use personal data for?

We process personal data for various purposes, whereby we only process the data that is necessary to realize the intended purpose.

Proportional processing

We use personal data when this is necessary:

  • in the context of the preparation, performance or termination of our contract;
  • to comply with legal or regulatory provisions to which we are subject; 
  • and/or for the representation of our legitimate interests, in which case we always strive for a balance between that interest and respect for your privacy, especially if you are a minor.

If the processing of your personal data is not necessary for one of these three reasons, we will always ask for your permission to process your personal data.

Our processing activities

We collect personal data for the following concrete purposes:

  • To process your request for our products and services.
  • To offer you the best service and to inform you about your usage options.
  • To optimize our services.
  • To keep improving our products.
  • To inform you about (new) products and services.
  • To offer you personalized advertising.
  • To fight fraud and infringements.
  • To ensure everyone's safety
  • To track our performance.
  • To comply with our legal obligations.
  • To keep track of studies, tests and statistics, for example for trend analysis.

Automated decision making

We do not take automatic decisions – whether or not based on profiling – that have legal consequences for you or where such decision significantly affects you, unless:

  • this is necessary for entering into or executing your agreement;
  • this is permitted by law (e.g. for detecting tax fraud): or
  • we have obtained your explicit permission for this.

In such situations, you will be informed in advance about the automated decision being made, that you have the right to demand human intervention and the way in which you can challenge the decision.

How do we protect your personal data?

We work hard to protect your personal data and privacy, both in our store(s), on our website and in all other locations.

In the context of every project that aims to process personal data, an assessment is first made in terms of security and the protection of personal data, whereby your interests are paramount.

In addition, we use all kinds of technical measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized access, unauthorized use and loss or theft of your data, such as: password protection, hard disk encryption software, firewalls, antivirus, intrusion and anomaly detection.

Should a data breach occur with adverse consequences for your personal data, you as a customer will be personally notified in the circumstances provided for by law.

Our software is constantly kept up-to-date. In addition, we offer you some security settings that you can manage yourself, such as: a password, 2FA, or other options.

What are your privacy rights?

You have the right to learn from us at any time whether or not we process your personal data, and if we process it to view that data and receive additional information.

You have the right to have incomplete, incorrect, inappropriate or outdated personal data rectified without delay. In order to keep your data up-to-date, we kindly ask you to notify us of any changes.

You have the right to have your personal data deleted without undue delay.

Please note that we cannot always delete all requested personal data, for example when processing it is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims or because we are obliged to retain data for the judicial authorities. We will inform you about this in more detail in our response to your request.

You have the right to object to the processing of personal data on the basis of your special situation if the processing is in the context of the legitimate interest of our company, or in the context of the public interest. We will cease processing your personal data unless we can demonstrate compelling and legitimate grounds for the processing that outweigh yours or where the processing of the personal data is related to the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims (e.g. filing of a request to a court).

Do we sell your data, or do we pass this on?

We do not sell personal data to third parties without your permission and we do not pass it on to third parties unless:

  • To our successors in title,
  • This is necessary for our services.
  • There is a legal obligation.
  • There is a legitimate interest for our company or an involved third party.
  • You give us permission to do so.

Exercising your privacy rights

In order to exercise your privacy rights, and to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of your personal data, we need to verify your identity. In case of doubt or uncertainty, we will first ask you for additional information (preferably a copy of the front of your identity card). If we cannot identify you with certainty, we will not comply with your request.

You can exercise your privacy rights free of charge, unless your request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, especially due to its repetitive nature. In such a case, we have the right and the choice - in accordance with privacy legislation - to (1) charge you a reasonable fee (taking into account the administrative costs of providing the requested information or communication and the costs that accompanied by taking the requested measures), or (2) refusing to comply with your request.

When you submit your request electronically, the information will be provided electronically if possible, unless you request otherwise. In any case, we provide you with a concise, transparent, understandable and easily accessible answer.

We will respond to your request as soon as possible, and in any case within one month of receiving your request. Depending on the complexity of the requests and the number of requests, this period can be extended by a further three months if necessary. In the event of an extension of the term, we will notify you within one month of receipt of the request.

How long do we keep your data?

We may not keep personal data for longer than is necessary to achieve the purpose for which we collect it. The retention period can therefore differ per purpose, and can sometimes be very short.

After expiry of the applicable retention period(s), personal data will be deleted or anonymised.

Certain data from former customers may be used for a period of 2 years after termination of the contract to identify the former customer and to inform them about new products and promotions, unless the customer indicates not to agree to this.

Our online services

If you visit our websites or use our apps, we process the following personal data about you:

  • Your IP address, the type and language of your browser, the software, the type and brand of equipment you use when connecting to our websites and apps, the time of your website visit or app use and the web address from which you access our website, the pages you view on it, the links you click and the other actions you take on our websites and apps. We do this by means of cookies.
  • On some websites, we ask you for additional personal information, such as your email address, name, address or telephone number. When you make a purchase or subscribe to a paid service, we ask you for additional information, such as your bank account number or ID number. In addition, you will sometimes be asked for your profile or demographic information, such as your zip code, age, gender, preferences, interests and favorites.
  • Some of our websites contain forums or news modules where you as a member can post messages, articles, photos, videos, comments, likes, etc. without obligation.
  • When you log in, we ask for your username and password. We will then identify your IP address and link it to your customer data.
  • If our website(s) use your location, we will provide you with information about this and the choice to enable or disable these location services.

The personal data that we collect through our website(s) is used for the following purposes:

  • To be able to provide our services to you (e.g. placing online orders) and to communicate with you (e.g. in connection with your invoice).
  • To compile statistics and perform analyses, with the aim of improving the quality of our websites and of our services.
  • To provide you with a better and more personal service, for example by adapting the advertisements shown on our website(s) and the range of our products and services to your personal preferences.
  • To approach you with offers and information about other products or services.

Stay informed of changes

We may change this privacy policy from time to time, for example in response to market evolutions and new processing activities.

We therefore invite you to always consult the latest version of this policy. We will of course inform you in advance via our website(s) or other current communication channels of any significant change and, if required by law, ask for your prior consent for our (new) processing activities.

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