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Wax'n Board is obliged to comply with specific consumer rights of the European Union. These rules have been determined in two parts, namely in the category Right of withdrawal and Warranty.

These determine your rights as a customer and our obligations as a company. It goes without saying that we strictly follow these at all times with our after-sales service. Below we list the essential points, more information can be found on the website of the European Union. We also advise you to consult our entire general terms and conditions, of which the right of warranty is only one part.

General guidelines

In the EU you are entitled to a two-year warranty on all new goods, at no extra cost. It doesn't matter whether you buy online or in a store, you are always entitled to a two-year warranty without having to pay extra.

If you, as a European resident, have a product that you bought in the EU and it differs from the description or does not work properly, the seller must repair or replace it free of charge, give a discount, or give you your money back.

If it is not possible to repair or replace the item, you should normally receive a full or partial refund. Of course, the seller does not have to give you your money back if there is minor acceptable damage. Some examples are:

  • A scratch on a product;
  • A printing error, color deviation or discoloration of the product;
  • A damaged packaging;
  • Normal wear and tear from using the product.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. You can read all exceptions on the EU legislation page.

We do not offer any kind of guarantee on service or repair of products. The quality of this depends on the original condition, quality of the product itself, previous use or the way in which the product or service will be used after repair. Any compensation is therefore excluded for all forms of service and/or repair. 

When you purchase original Wax´n Board products through a third party, eg a reseller, you will contact them to qualify for warranty. For products purchased through a third party, terms and conditions may differ from those that we can provide to you.

The conditions attached to the warranty law only apply according to the EU guidelines, and only Belgian law can be addressed in case of disputes.

Additional warranty

A shop or manufacturer can offer you an additional or extended warranty, whether or not for a fee. This warranty can provide you with better protection, but it cannot limit the minimum two-year warranty that you are entitled to under EU rules.

When a store offers you a product at a lower price, “without warranty”, that only means that you are not entitled to additional protection. In any case, if the product breaks down or turns out not to be as described, you can hold the seller accountable for two years.

Have a product repaired or replaced

The two-year warranty period starts as soon as you receive the item. If the product breaks within this period, the seller must always offer you a solution. In certain EU countries you can also directly address the manufacturer for defects and claim your warranty without the intervention of the seller. For this you can obtain more information from the respective manufacturer.

If the product breaks within 6 months of purchase, it is automatically assumed that the problem already existed when you received the product, unless the seller can prove that this was not the case. You are entitled to a free repair or replacement or, if that is too expensive or difficult, a full or partial refund.

If your product breaks between 6 and 24 months after purchase, you are also entitled to a free repair or replacement, or a full or partial refund. However, you must prove that the problem already existed when you received the product.

Excluded from the right to refund or repair are normal signs of use, but also wear and tear, regardless of whether or not this is a result of normal use of the product.

In order to be able to claim the warranty right, it is also necessary that the defective product is returned at your own expense to the seller, whereby any shipment will be correctly and safely packed to avoid damage during transport. We also advise you to insure this shipment so that it cannot be lost. If this is the case, the seller is no longer liable and you should contact your courier service.

In addition, a refund will never be made in cash, but only on the payment method that was used when purchasing the product, if this is no longer possible, then it will be done via a voucher.

Our Commitment

At Wax'n Board we will at all times take into account the legal framework that must guarantee your rights as a consumer. In addition, we will make an extra commitment to guarantee you a smooth after-sales service, because we understand that problems with a purchased product are never fun.

If you therefore have any questions, or if you believe that you should invoke your rights as a consumer, do not hesitate to contact us.

We also advise our customers to thoroughly read the General Terms and Conditions and all associated terms and conditions to avoid discussion. When purchasing products or services, including repairs, you automatically agree to this.

Warranty questions

At Wax'n Board we give you as a customer the opportunity to let us know in writing that you wish to make use of your warranty. This can be done by letter to the official address, or via the contact form on this website. However, we do not accept reporting via public or non-public social media or other channels that are not mentioned in these terms and conditions.

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